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Upgrading your server


Set up a preproduction environment from your production with ssl certificate, ftp access and database.

Available for a custom domain (preprod.domain.com) or directly on a 772424 domain.

Ask us a question

Ask us a question

45,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

Procedure :

- Creation of the apache or nginx preproduction vhost
- Implementation of access protection (basic authentication)
- ssl Certification
- Creation of the database
- FTP creation
- Synchronization of files
- Synchronization of the database
- PrestaShop configuration
- Regeneration of rewrite rules
- Purge caches


A domain name pointing to your server (optional)

Duration of the intervention:

The synchronization time of files depends on the volume of your production.

Update your preproduction:

The update of your preproduction server with the files and the database of your production site is made upon request to the technical department of 772424. This operation is included in the support time of your outsourcing package.

Deliverable :

- The url of your preproduction
- The login and password to access it

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