Terms of Sales


Contract: All of the contractual documents made up of these General Conditions for hosting Internet service (s) - hereinafter referred to as General Conditions -, specific conditions signed between the parties - hereinafter referred to as the Order Form -, as well as all other documents referring to the general conditions.

The service provider: the operator of the service offer from 772424.COM SAS, acting on behalf of the PROFILEO Group.

The client: Person, natural or legal, signatory of the Special Conditions acting as Purchase Order and General Conditions, holder of the contract. The CUSTOMER recognizes by signing these powers to sign the Purchase Order and its annexes, in particular the General Conditions.
If the designated CUSTOMER is a legal person whose signatory hereof is neither a corporate officer nor authorized to, the signatory natural person will assume sole responsibility for the contract.

The offer: The offer is a rental of services where the company 772424.COM makes available to the
CLIENT: a server and / or outsourcing. The server can be dedicated to the Client or shared with other clients, depending on the offer described in the Order Form.
The offer made to the CUSTOMER is annexed in the form of the special conditions to these General Conditions. It is contractual and synallagmatic.

Unlimited traffic: the volume of bytes transferred via the server is technically unlimited, with no guarantee of bandwidth, at any given time.

Maintenance: It concerns the components of the offer. It includes the server reboot according to your detailed indications.

Hostname: The management of a server requires the creation of a hostname, intended to build the canonical base of domain names. This hostname is built depending on the authorities governing the Internet: AFNIC, INTERNIC, .... 772424.COM has an obligation of means and advice.
The company helps with the change of delegation and the construction of the host, but this service is not part of the service.
Consequently, 772424.COM cannot be held responsible for problems linked to the propagation of a domain, and to the construction of the Hostname, the management of DNS or the application errors of the website (s). It is up to the client to check its proper functioning as soon as the server is started.


1.1 - These General Conditions of 772424.COM are applicable to all supplies and services of the offer. Consequently, placing an order implies the CLIENT's full and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions).
No particular condition other than those of 772424.COM can, except formal and written acceptance of 772424.COM, prevail against the present General Conditions.
Any contrary clause posed by THE CUSTOMER will therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, unenforceable against 772424.COM, regardless of when it may have been brought to the latter's attention.

1.2 - None of the clauses of these General Conditions, if it is not applied, may be interpreted or opposed as being worth renunciation by 772424.COM to take advantage later of said or these conditions.


2.1 - The purpose of these General Conditions is to define the technical and financial conditions in which 772424.COM undertakes vis-à-vis the CLIENT.

2.2 - The quote associated with this document details the different subscription options and the specific conditions for the preparation, by 772424.COM, of the CUSTOMER service. Any arrangement present in the specific conditions of the estimate prevails over the general conditions of accommodation.

2.3 - The CUSTOMER expressly recognizes that 772424.COM does not participate in the sense of the present in the design, development, and realization of the website of the CUSTOMER or
of its IT management and administration tools. The CUSTOMER manages his websites alone.


3.1 - The server is accessible to the general public via the Internet by means of stations connected to the Internet.

3.2 - 772424.COM exclusively provides the CLIENT with a service which may consist of: a server, bandwidth, maintenance and / or IT power, this set being described in the Order Form.


4-1 - 772424.COM undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of the services it offers, and therefore subscribes to an obligation of means.
Consequently, 772424.COM will endeavor to offer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without being able to guarantee this, however, taking into account the nature of the network. The GTI (intervention)
is 15min, the GTA (recovery) is 30min on software failure and 2h on failure