Our services

Our services

Much more than a simple host, 772424.com offers you a wide range of services that meet the needs of e-merchants, included in our offers or available as options.


Web performance is a strategic point in the good development of any e-commerce activity. Providing the fastest possible page load time is paramount. Every second counts to guarantee a customer experience equal to their level of requirement.
Our Performance services allow you to make every effort to acquire and maintain ideal web performance. The measures of performance indicators, monitoring and controls are carried out by our teams of experts. They can also give you a lot of advice and recommendations.

Our performances services

Included in the offerAvailable in option 

PrestaShop optimized server settings

Monitorof performances

SSD disk


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Discover our performance-related intervention tickets for carrying out audits or implementing optimization actions.

Test the speed of your PrestaShop store for free and discover the solutions to boost it

Securing your online store is a crucial point for any e-merchant.
Putting precautionary measures into practice is essential. Our Security services provide continuous support and interventions. An active control system provides a high level of responsiveness when needed. You can also opt for a backup option which will be included in your hosting. We do everything we can to guarantee optimal security for your website.

Our security services

Included in the offerAvailable in option

Active monitoring

Support and interventions 24/7

Daily backup (over 24h)

daily (over 21 days)

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Find out about our security-related intervention tickets for performing audits or implementing security actions.

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