+45% of performance

Tele-operation - Infrastructure and Full Performance Pack.

If you're not already familiar, NKD Puzzle is an innovative French small business specializing in the design and manufacturing of eco-friendly games. They sell all their "Made in France" puzzles and brain-teasers on their e-commerce site nkd-puzzle.com.


In the midst of their growth, the company participated in the 2023 edition of the TV show "Qui veut être mon associé?" (Who Wants to Be My Partner?) broadcasted on M6.


NKD Puzzle, which was set to be featured on the "Qui veut être mon associé?" episode aired on January 11, 2023, on M6, needed hosting capable of handling a large number of simultaneous visitors without compromising site speed or encountering detrimental error pages. To meet this need, a migration to our Infrastructure offering, capable of managing a substantial volume of traffic, was carried out.

-82% construction time

Before tv - cache management

To maximize the chances of success before the TV show, we have implemented our cache management module.


Then we adopted a strategy aimed at optimize web server performance using two complementary technologies:


  • First, we implemented Varnish, a high-performance caching system that reduces the number of requests to the web server.
  • Next, we also added; Cloudflare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that optimizes the distribution of static resources. This solution has significantly improved the performance of the website.


Overall, the performance of the site has improved significantly, particularly with regard to the WAIT (or construction time), which is considered as the most representative indicator of web performance. This is the wait time between a user's request and the response generated by the server.


Construction time320ms56ms

While on tv - Active monitoring

During the television broadcast, a sudden and significant surge in traffic resulted in a disruption of the website during the first minute. However, our dedicated and proactive monitoring team was vigilant, allowing us to react instantly to resolve the situation.


In anticipation of this contingency, we had established a robust action plan to address a potential traffic overload. Thanks to careful planning and our swift response, we took immediate steps to mitigate site saturation and ensure its stability. These actions included server resource optimization, cache management, and the allocation of additional resources to meet the growing demand.


As a result of these proactive measures, the rest of the operation proceeded smoothly and successfully. This experience has enabled us to strengthen our ability to handle unexpected traffic spikes and maintain site availability, ensuring an optimal user experience even under demanding conditions.

Evolution of traffic peak recorded by the CDN Cloudflare

45% performance gain

After the TV show: continuation of the Pack Full Performance

We continued to implement our recommendations to improve performance, including:


  • by making pre-connections to all external domain names used
  • improving CLS and LCP for mobile and desktop
  • disabling Apache optimization because the 772424.com servers are more optimized at this level
  • making adjustments based on Google feedback. (Search Console validation follow-ups are still ongoing at the time of this writing).


In conclusion, the operation was successful thanks to our specific hosting for an optimized Prestashop store.



Perf. grade
54/ 100
78/ 100
Build time320 ms56 ms
LCP  (Largest Contentful Paint)2.5 s1.3 s

Evolution of Google Search Console curves as the date of 03/10/2023

Beginning of remaining actions from the Full Performance Pack