Full Performance Pack

Speed up the loading time of your PrestaShop store!

Your PrestaShop store terribly faster!

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Detailed technical performance analysis

Application of corrective actions

Setting up Varnish server cache

Unbeatable performance
Unbeatable performance
Get the best loading times for your Prestashop store.

Your PrestaShop store is slow, and this has an impact on your turnover and your SEO, or on your productivity?

Take advantage of our Full Performance Pack including detailed analysis on the server side and on the PrestaShop side, and the technical interventions necessary to boost the loading time of your store's pages! After implementation, these optimizations will notably allow you to considerably reduce the loading time of your pages.

  • Optimization tailored to your site
  • Direct performance gains
  • Improved SEO
  • Improved user experience
  • immediate performance gains

What this pack includes
Performance pack
Performance pack
Speed up the loading time of your PrestaShop store!

We analyze your site to determine which elements affects the loading time of your pages. We carry out relevant actions to improve your loading times.

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Varnish cache
Varnish cache
Your PrestaShop store terribly faster!

Server-side caches significantly reduce the Time To First Byte (TTFB) metric that measures server response time. Your site gets maximum fluidity, short loading times and a better user experience.


Some examples of benefits
Improvement of essential web signals on the search console (Core Web Vitals)
  • Improved essential LCP and CLS web signals
  • Tracking the validations of the search console tool
  • Positive changes in curve trends
General performance improvement


General performance improvement

  • Targeting bottlenecks for more effective actions
  • Improvements on the most critical slowdowns
  • Fine-tuning already correct performances
Best charge holding with Varnish server cache
  • Extremely low response times allowing for high traffic capacity
  • Despite traffic spikes, response times remain stable thanks to the server cache preventing heavy processing of a large number of requests.
State-of-the-art page build times




 Building time398 ms54 ms
 loading time3.84 s1.14 s

State-of-the-art page building times

  • Exceptional page building times
  • Pages stay up to date thanks to dynamic modules and intelligent cache purging
  • Reducing building times also reduces overall page loading times
This ticket includes the setting up of the server cache system, the management of the cache is after invoiced €30 excl. VAT / month as an option of your hosting.
This option includes:
- The dynamic handling of new modules additions.
- Checks and adjustments in the case of minor version upgrades.
- Updates, particularly for security, of the Varnish server component.
- Monitoring of the Varnish cache system.
It does not include major version upgrades or website redesign (which would require a complete reimplementation of the system).
This ticket procedure is calibrated for 1 SHOP. In the case of multistores PrestaShop, please order the quantity corresponding to the number of shops you want to impact
The setup of Varnish requires your website to be implemented in a standard manner. 
In particular, user-contextual blocks (e.g., cart block, my account block, etc.) should be implemented using PrestaShop modules and not with a page builder, such as "Creative elements" or "Elementor," for example.
If this prerequisite is not met, a preliminary task (not included in this product) will need to be carried out to bring the shop into compliance.
We strongly recommend that you contact us in advance for a free assessment of your shop's compliance with the Varnish cache.


Some real examples from our case studies:

  • Pack Full performance

+25% of performance
  • Pack Full Performance

+34% performances