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Limited Resell is an online store specializing in the sale of sneakers. Offering a wide range of models, the site allows sneaker enthusiasts to easily and securely acquire the most coveted footwear. This online store, built using the PrestaShop CMS, sought our expertise to ensure its proper functioning, especially concerning its technical performance.


The major challenge faced by Limited Resell was optimizing loading times, a critical aspect to provide a smooth and fast user experience.


In this case study, we will detail our approach to address this challenge. We will start with an initial analysis of the site to identify the main bottlenecks. Then, we will present the prioritized actions we recommended to improve loading times. Finally, we will examine the results achieved after implementing these actions, demonstrating a significant enhancement in the overall site performance.


26/ 100
60/ 100
-42ms Construction time

Server-side caching: Varnish

In order to enhance our efficiency, we implemented server-side Varnish caching on specific pages: the homepage, categories, product pages, and CMS pages.


This implementation process involved several key steps:


  • Deployment of the Cache Control Module: We began by deploying a cache control module.
  • Activation of Server Cache with Restricted Access: Initially, we activated server caching with restricted access, ensuring it was available only to our internal teams.
  • Configuration and Rigorous Testing: We configured and conducted rigorous testing of cache settings to ensure optimal performance.
  • Scheduled Activation of Cache for the Public: Once the cache was fine-tuned, we scheduled a time to activate it for the general public.


As a result of these efforts, we achieved a significant reduction in page load times, reducing them by nearly 50%.
Building Time88ms46ms
-156 files uploaded

Implementation of lazy loading

The Lazy Loading technique, also known as "deferred loading," is extremely useful for optimizing the loading time of web pages. It involves delaying the loading of images, especially those below the fold of the page. Thanks to this method, the initial page loads much faster, providing a better user experience.


In the case of this particular site, we have implemented a module specifically designed for this task. This module analyzes the HTML code of each page and makes necessary modifications to prevent the immediate loading of images below the fold. Instead, these images are replaced with a transparent pixel. The browser only loads the images that are above the fold, avoiding dozens of unnecessary file transfers. Thanks to this optimization, the number of files downloaded on the site has been reduced from 244 to 88.


Visitors to this website enjoy a significantly improved loading and viewing experience, with pages loading faster, which helps retain their attention and improve overall satisfaction.


 Downloaded Files244 files88 files
 Page Weight11.3 MB6.98MB
-830ms de blocking time

Preloading fonts and repatriating Google fonts

The fonts used on the online store have been embedded directly into the store's theme instead of being hosted on external servers such as This approach offers several significant advantages:


  • Reduction in the number of files to transfer: By incorporating fonts into the store's theme, we have significantly reduced the number of files required to load the page correctly. Fewer files mean a shorter loading time, improving the user experience.
  • Optimization of "Total Blocking Time": "Total Blocking Time" (the total time a browser waits before displaying content) is a critical factor for page loading efficiency. By avoiding reliance on external servers for fonts, we have reduced the browser's waiting time, resulting in faster display of text and content. Store visitors thus enjoy a smoother and more responsive browsing experience.
  • Control and stability: Having full control over the fonts embedded in the theme ensures their constant availability and stability. Potential issues related to external servers, such as downtime or loading delays, are avoided, ensuring a reliable user experience.


In summary, integrating fonts into the store's theme is a strategic measure that improves loading speed, reduces browser blocking time, and enhances the stability of the online store, providing a more satisfying customer experience.
 Total blocking time1300ms470ms
-2.5s Largest Contentful Paint

Improving Web Vitals: Various actions

Additional improvements have been implemented on the online store. These enhancements were specifically designed to enhance Google's essential SEO indicators, also known as Core Web Vitals. We have undertaken several complementary actions to ensure better performance and an optimal user experience:


  • Implementation of the Cloudflare CDN: We have successfully integrated Cloudflare's Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. This strategy has optimized content delivery by reducing server latency, resulting in faster page loading.
  • Replacement of the slideshow module for faster image loading: We have replaced the existing slideshow module with a more efficient solution. This change has significantly accelerated image loading, enhancing the overall user navigation experience.
  • Preloading of external images related to the cookie module: We have implemented a preloading strategy for external images associated with the cookie module. This ensures that these elements load optimally, avoiding potential delays and improving the overall user experience.
  • Resolution of a 400 error on the Google badge: We successfully identified and resolved a 400 error related to the Google badge. This correction has contributed to better integration with Google's services, which is essential for SEO.
  • Benchmarking and optimization of AJAX calls: We conducted in-depth performance analyses and benchmarking comparisons to optimize AJAX calls on the site. This has resulted in a significant reduction in page loading times.


For more detailed information on Google's indicators, as they appear in the Search Console, along with tips on resolving speed-related issues with your online store, we invite you to consult our dedicated article available here: Link to the article."
 Largest Contentful Paint3.5s1.0s
 Cumulative Layout Shift1,130
 Loading time8.1s5.8s