Cesare Nori
+25% of performance

Pack Full performance

The online store Cesare Nori specializes in the sale of leather clothing for men and women. The pieces are manufactured in France and are customized according to customer preferences, especially regarding color, buttons, pockets, and closures. The primary objective is to provide quality items while offering exceptional customer service.


The implementation of the Full Performance Pack on the cesarenori.fr website has brought significant results. This case study details the analytical approach used to identify the factors influencing page loading times, as well as the specific actions taken to improve these times.


The Full Performance Pack consists of two main axes :


  • Performance analysis to determine which elements affect loading times, which then allows for the implementation of targeted actions.
  • Implementation of server-side caching using Varnish technology, aimed at minimizing server response times to the maximum.

The optimization implemented has been specifically tailored to the needs of cesarenori.com, leading to significant performance improvements and achieving an overall performance rating of 74%. Furthermore, this optimization has had a positive impact on the site's visibility in search engines.



Perf. grade
55/ 100
74/ 100

-177ms construction time

Server-side caching: Varnish

The implementation of server-side caching using Varnish technology on Cesare Nori's PrestaShop website was a proactive response to the pressing need for performance improvement. We recognized the crucial importance of providing our visitors with a smooth and fast browsing experience, which drove our decision to fully leverage the potential of Varnish.


Varnish, as a highly efficient server-side cache, proved to be the ideal solution to achieve our goals of a significant reduction in page construction time. In fact, our metrics showed tangible improvements, with optimal loading time values now being achieved. For more information on how we implemented and harnessed Varnish caching, we invite you to read our dedicated blog article on this topic.


As part of our comprehensive service, we took care of the system configuration for caching, as well as all necessary software adaptations to ensure a seamless integration with our PrestaShop site. Additionally, we successfully deployed our cache management module in PrestaShop's back office, facilitating the efficient management of this powerful performance tool.

Evolution of HTML construction time ('wait' in ms)

Construction time207 ms30 ms
-87% LCP loading time

Improvement of Web Vitals

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): Determines the visual stability of a page.

Our specific actions : 

  • Improvement of CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) on mobile and desktop by working on CSS and JS files: reserving space for images not yet loaded, freezing block positions etc etc
  • Preloading web fonts to reduce their blocking time (browser waiting time) to nearly zero

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): Display of the largest element on the page.

Our specific actions :

  • Regenerating thumbnails in the correct format: this reduces the weight of images and avoids browser-based resizing calculations
  • Reconfiguring the timing for the appearance of the cookie banner (it was appearing too early and being considered as the largest element on the page, which was distorting the LCP result)

LCP1,6 s853 ms

Diverse improvements

The initial analysis revealed additional points that could enhance the overall performance of the Cesare Nori websitei :

  • We have disabled Apache optimization because on the servers of 772424.com, they are configured according to Google's recommendations, which allows us to achieve an optimal configuration compared to the native configuration of PrestaShop.
  • Enabling JavaScript compression has reduced the page loading time of the PrestaShop store by limiting their size and saving dozens of files to transfer.
  • We have resolved the issue of double loading of the favicon image, which is a recurring problem with themess.
  • Pre-connecting to all external domain names used has also improved performance in connecting to them.