-67% of construction time

Website Transfer

Seraleen is a French online store specializing in hair extensions and natural hair products. It offers a wide range of products, with a substantial catalog. The website experiences high traffic, making the need for quality hosting evident. The site has been migrated to our platforms to take advantage of optimized hosting for PrestaShop.


Performance measurement data before and after the site migration illustrates the effectiveness of our server configuration.


The servers at 772424.com are optimized for PrestaShop through refined configurations developed over years.

During the migration process (also referred to as site transfer), our teams systematically verify the advanced performance settings in the back-office. Improper cache configuration can lead to reduced performance, so we ensure a solid foundation.


The metric that contributes to construction time, analyzed by the GT Metrix tool, is the Waiting (or Wait).

By choosing hosting from 772424.com, the site experienced a nearly 70% reduction in Wait time immediately after the transfer.

We transitioned from a Wait time of  1,2 second prior to migration to 40 milliseconds after migration, which not only represents a significant reduction but also an excellent final Wait time result in itself !



For a dedicated case study on improving construction time, please refer to :




Construction time1,2 s40 ms
-33% reduction in LCP time

Largest Contentful Paint and total loading time

The value of Wait, and thus construction time, directly impacts other metrics such as LCP and overall loading time.


LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) is the time it takes to display the largest visual element on the page.

This indicator is part of the essential Web signals for SEO defined by Google to enhance the user experience.

(Read more about Web Vitals and LCP in particular : https://www.profileo.com/blog/signaux-web-essentiels-seo-prestashop/#LCP)


In our case, we transition from an LCP of 3,3 seconds to 2,2 seconds after migration. The impact of construction time on LCP is clearly observed, and further actions will be targeted to continue evolving this metric in the future.


You can also check another case study dedicated to improving LCP : https://www.772424.com/fr/etudes-de-cas/LaReinedesVosges


The total loading time (Fully Loaded Time) shows a reduction of 1,2 second.

The recommended overall loading time by Google is 3 seconds or less. Google established this recommendation due to its significance for user experience. Slow loading times can discourage visitors and lead them to leave the site, which can negatively impact its ranking in Google's search results.

The achieved result thus aligns fully with Google's guidelines and provides this site with additional opportunities for better SEO performance.

LCP Evaluation Scale

LCP  (Largest Contentful Paint)3,3 s2,2 s
Loading time3,7 s2,5 s
-37 % of CLS score

CLS Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is a metric that assesses the user experience on a website by measuring the unexpected shifting of elements on the page during its loading. It essentially quantifies the visual stability of a page while the user interacts with it.


CLS is significant as it contributes to providing a pleasant and frustration-free user experience. When page elements move unexpectedly, it can disrupt reading and user interaction, leading to a poor user experience and reduced engagement on the site.


Given that the servers at 772424.com are optimized not only for better construction times but also for the distribution of static resources, this second aspect mitigates visual jumps due to faster resource delivery.


The CLS score shows an improvement of 37%.

CLS Evaluation Scale

CLS  (Cumulative Layout Shift)0,570,36
+58% of performance

Browser Cache Expiration and Apache Optimization

Browser caching and its expiration are principles that govern the duration for which files temporarily stored in users' browsers remain valid and accessible without needing to be re-downloaded on each visit to the site. Browser cache stores elements such as images, stylesheets, scripts, and other resources to speed up the loading of web pages.


In the context of a PrestaShop site, by default, enabling the "Apache optimization" option sets expiration times for key types of files.


This configuration is disabled when put into action on our 772424.com services, as our servers benefit from a more effective configuration that fully adheres to Google's recommendations.

Here are some of the advantages related to browser caching :

  • Improved loading speed
  • Reduced server load
  • Decreased network traffic
  • Enhanced user experience
  • SEO optimization 


For our client Seraleen, the 772424.com configurations result in an overall web performance gain of nearly 60%.

Perf. grade GTMetrix
36/ 100
57/ 100