-39% of waiting time

Reduction in the number of resources

Poupe Poupi’s case study describes how this PrestaShop site has perfected its web performance.


When slow, a site's speed results in a high bounce rate; and poor user experience.

Poupe Poupi knows this and seeks to constantly improve the performance of its e-commerce site.

Indeed, this site already obtains; a very good overall rating. Various actions have been conducted with the aim of improving performance until get an "A" grade.


The client’s need was to further reduce the Total blocking time, the waiting time during which the browser does nothing. We were thus able to target our investigations on what impacted the TBT (Total blocking time).

After analyzing the resources with non-negligible blocking times, we have been able to observe that certain files, mainly images, can completely fail. undergo optimization.


We have identified a group of 11 lightweight images from the theme, and we've included them in the HTML or CSS.

By reducing the number of files uploaded, we have achieved act on this famous waiting time.


The result is completely different. Satisfying fact since the value of the Total blocking time has gone from 269 ms to 194 ms while stabilizing the overall note.



89/ 100
94/ 100
Total Blocking Time269ms194ms
Files downloaded4736