+32% performance

Performance pack

The Performance Pack allows you to analyze the performance indicators of your PrestaShop store and improve them.


The course of this service for first consisted in carrying out a performance audit in order to target the improvements to be made.


By observing the back office, the essential web signals (Core web vitals) on the google search console and the online tests on the GTMetrix tool, our teams were able to list the most relevant actions to put in place. We have validated with the actions that we can take to ensure efficient work.


The comparison of GTMetrix test results is significant: the indicators have evolved positively.


42/ 100
74/ 100
-4,2s Largest Contentful Paint

Actions on core web vitals

During the preliminary analysis through the Google search console, we detected changes to be made to obtain better results.


As a reminder, vital webs have an impact on performance AND natural referencing.



  • New thumbnail size in order to achieve perfect equality between file size and displayed size. This action saves transfer weight and resizing calculations performed by the browser.
  • Blog optimizations: image preloading, removal of lazy loading so that the main image is loaded faster.



  • Improved display stability through various techniques such as space reservation, freezing block positions, etc...

Impact on Google Search Console curves


Since the date of the first actions, the trend has reversed, moving from a predominantly red curve to the stabilization of a largely majority green curve.

Mobile version

Desktop version
LCP (Blog)5.3s1.1
CLS score (product page)0.340.21
-50% in Blocking Time

Miscellaneous performance actions

Beyond the actions above, we were able to identify additional actions to be taken in order to continue to improve the performance indicators:


  • Added pre-connections to external systems
  • Disabling compilation forcing
  • Downloading and preloading fonts
  • Disabling Apache optimization because servers are configured according to Google recommendations (we get a better configuration than native PrestaShop)
  • Implementation of lazy loading
  • Setting up a CDN


These cumulative actions have improved overall performance results.


The loading time drops below the 2.7 seconds.


Another quite significant performance gain obtained is the value of the total blocking time which goes from 886 milliseconds to 395 milliseconds, a reduction of more than 55% of this indicator *


* The Total blocking time measures the waiting time of the browser during the loading of the page.
Total Blocking Time886ms 385ms
Files downloaded96 63