Limited Resell

Limited Resell
100% Improved CLS

Core Web Vitals: Improved CLS

The CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) is a score that determines the level of visual stability of the site. This is one of the key performance indicators defined by Google as being one of the essential web signals (Core Web Vitals).


This means that by seeking to optimize the CLS score, we will not only improve the user experience (visitors do not appreciate having a site that loads with jumps or resizing images), but we will also optimize its SEO.


This score is independent on each type of page, our client Limited Resell needed an optimization of the CLS score on the home page but also on the product pages. The goal is to gain in navigation comfort and take advantage of it to improve the indexing by search engines.

Various actions have been taken to reduce visual jumps or displacements and image resizings as much as possible.


The result is not only visible directly on the GTMetrix results but also in the navigation on the site, as we can see with the video below.

BEFORE intervention on the product pages

AFTER intervention on the product pages
19 / 100
83 / 100
Improved CLS1.130