-95% of construction time

Improvement in construction time

Amahousse offers a wide range of phone protection products, including belt clip cases, protective covers, and pouches. Their online store provides elegant and functional solutions to safeguard phones from impacts, scratches, and falls while adding a touch of style. Customers can choose from various protection options to meet their specific needs.


In order to improve the performance of the Amahousse website, we focused on reducing the page construction times, which were particularly slow.


The construction time for product listings reached 3,1 seconds, which significantly exceeded Google's recommendations of displaying within 2.5 seconds for a better user experience.



Therefore, we conducted a bottleneck investigation using the Xdebug tool to perform benchmarks and identify areas that needed improvements. During our tests, we found that the menu module contained very heavy code, ce qui impactait which was impacting nearly 70% of the page construction time.


Capture: XDebug excerpt


To address this issue, we implemented a cache to avoid the complete and systematic reconstruction of the menu. This cache specifically identifies the active category to be displayed as "selected" in the menu. This has significantly improved the page construction performance, reducing it to less than one second.


Continuing our analysis, we implemented successive caches controlled by relevant cache keys* to manage heavy processing. Caches were placed on :

  • 3 modules
  • 1 native PrestaShop feature (retrieval of product accessories)
  • 1 development that fetched the latest blog posts, this retrieval was done through a web request (which is to be avoided as if the requested service does not respond, it slows down the page construction time accordingly)


*Cache keys are methods used to generate unique keys for storing and retrieving cached data while distinguishing variations in displayed content. For example, one of the caches placed on a module distinguishes, through its cache keys, the currency and language, thereby displaying the correct content despite caching.


Thanks to these recent actions, we have achieved significant results.


In the end, the wait time for page construction (the "waiting" indicator on GtMetrix) has decreased from 3.1 seconds to just 134 milliseconds, which represents an improvement of 95% !


These improvements have significantly optimized the performance of the Amahousse online store and provide a better browsing experience for users.





23/ 100
92/ 100
Construction time3.1 s134 ms

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