39% reduction of LCP

Core Web Vitals: Improved LCP

The LCP is the time it takes before the visually largest element of the page is displayed without scrolling.


This is a strategic performance indicator since it is part of Google's essential web signals.


On the product pages, we start from the observation that the largest main element without scrolling is the main visual of the product.


However, it is not enough to reduce the weight of the image file for the LCP to be optimal. You also have to consider page processing time and browser interpretation.


The different techniques we used for reducing the LCP on the product pages:

  • Optimizing images: resizing images so that the file size is the same as the size displayed, thus avoiding resizing calculations by the browser.
  • Improved resource loading time: base64 encoding so that the browser does not have to download an image file
  • Improving the construction time of product pages: benchmarked the construction times and setting up a cache.


We obtained a reduction of the LCP of almost 40%. This makes it possible to improve the loading time of the pages in a more general way.


In addition, the analysis of the Google Search Console shows us that after our intervention on 08/04/2022, the urls which were considered to be slow or to improve have gradually become valid and rated as fast on both mobile and desktop. Which is a very satisfying result.

Impact on Google Search Console curves