+20% performances

Performance pack

The Performance Pack meets the needs for global optimizations when delays are observed in a PrestaShop store.


As part of this service for our client Rolling Beers, we firstly proceeded to to a detailed audit performance.


These audit is based on the study of several sources of information: the back office settings, core web vitals, online tests on the GTMetrix tool.


Once the audit was completed, we validated together the different actions to be taken in order to optimize the performances.


Comparing GTMetrix tests before and after is indicative of the improvement in overall performance achieved.


All indicators have improved, in a good way!



Perf. grade
66/ 100
85/ 100
-1,45s Largest Contentful Paint

Actions on core web vitals

The analysis of the curves of the Google Search Console made it possible to detect 2 areas of improvements of core web vitals. Our developers have then proposed various actions to improve these indicators



  • regeneration of the miniatures produced at the correct dimension so that the image file corresponds to the displayed size in the screen
  • preloading fonts
  • set block sizes so that there are no visual jumps or shifts when loading the page



  • removed lazy loading from main product image to increase LCP

Impact on Google Search Console curves

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

CLS score0.140.03
LCP score1.6s0.15ms
-50% of Blocking Time

Additional actions

The audit made it possible to target problems specific to this website. The following actions have been implemented:


  • Disabling the gamification module which slowed down the back office
  • Identifying backup folders on the hosting
  • Re-configuring PrestaShop native cache behavior
  • Keeping only a single CDN VS 3 in place, this is more efficient with the HTTP2 standard
  • Fixed issue with favicon being loaded twice


These cumulative actions improve performances results such as the Total Blocking Time* from 689 ms to 689 ms. 337 ms, a reduction of nearly 50%.


*Total blocking time measures how long the browser waits while the page loads.


For a resource, the blocking time is a waiting time during which the browser does nothing with it, this generally slows down loading times. Reducing the total blocking time as much as possible clearly lowers the bounce rate.

+20% performances

Performance tracking

To ensure the sustainability of the actions carried out during the Performance Pack we have made for this client a mini technical documentation.


This in order to be able to monitor the gains obtained in the long term.


Indeed, Google Search Console curves, like performance tests, can change over time. It is important to understand them well and to control them in order to act quickly in the event of regression.