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Security pack

Since June 2016, a dozen security holes have been discovered and corrected in some modules widely distributed on the PrestaShop platform.

If you also have a WordPress blog, it can also be assigned by potential security breaches.

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Ask us a question

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In order to answer the problem of the security flaws of PrestaShop modules, we propose a security pack consisting of an analysis and security actions associated.

The first phase is the analysis of PrestaShop security, resulting in:

  • a status on the potential security breaches known at the time of the order of the pack,
  • a status on the severity of the infection if any,
  • a list of proposals for corrective actions and security.

This analysis involves :

  • a verification of your PrestaShop modules to identify the presence of known security faults,
  • if you have a WordPress blog integrated with your PrestaShop, the installation of the module to have a security status, then the analysis of the feedback of this module,
  • if your PrestaShop is already infected, checking the affected files.


The second phase concerns actions to take to secure your PrestaShop :

  • clean the files, if the PrestaShop site is infected,
  • application of the security patches on the PrestaShop modules concerned by known vulnerabilities, as well as the installation of up-to-date versions of these modules ( licenses payable by the customer),
  • Update of WordPress modules (excluding any license fees) if necessary.

By subscribing to this pack, you also benefit from a one-month warranty on known security breaches at the time of our intervention, which would require complete the action.

This pack includes 1 hour of analysis + 4 hours of technical interventions (written / oral exchanges included). In the case of a highly infected PrestaShop, where the actions to be taken would require more than 4 hours of intervention, you will be notified after the 1st phase of analysis to agree on actions to be pursued.

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