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Improvement construction time home page

The construction time of your page is the time it takes for your site to return the content of the page (1st step of loading a web site).

Through a technical intervention, we improve the construction time.

Ask us a question

Ask us a question

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The receipt of the content of the page is the first step for the browser, as this first step is not completed, the browser displays nothing and wait for the return of the server.

It is therefore crucial that this time be as low as possible.

A construction time high is usually due to :

  • One or more queries that are too heavy in database
  • A call to an external site
  • An algorithm PHP non-optimized

Through a benchmarking tool dedicated ("Xdebug") we quickly find where are gone the longer times and optimize the bottlenecks.

For constructions higher than 2000ms, please consult us : contact us

This ticket procedure is scheduled for 1 SHOP. In the case of a PrestaShop multiboutiques, please order the quantity corresponding to the number of shops to deal with.
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