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Minifying of the HTML


When it is enabled, the system compression of HTML allows you to minify the HTML page sent to the browser (deleting spaces, line breaks and comments in the code)

This has the effect of reducing lightly the weight of your pages.

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Ask us a question

Ask us a question

37,50 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

What is the scope of our intervention ?

The activation of the compression option of the HTML can cause functional problems if your theme and/or your additional modules have not been designed to work with this option.

So with this intervention we can enable the compression of HTML in all serenity. We do that with our developer team which will :

- actiate the option in the back office,

- make the the technical adjustments necessary for the proper functioning of the front office,

- tests related to the activation of this option.

This ticket procedure is calibrated for 1 SHOP. In the case of multistores PrestaShop, please order the quantity corresponding to the number of shops you want to impact.
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