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Cache côté serveur

To improve the load performance of your PrestaShop store, we offer the implementation of caching systems are optimized (including installation of CGI for Nginx or Varnish for Apache).

Implementation of a caching system server-side only.

The actions of a technical side of PrestaShop are not part of this ticket. For a response in full : click here

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Ask us a question

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PrestaShop cache serveur Varnish CGI


These caches, active for visitors who are not logged in and not having a basket, to substantially reduce the load time of key pages of your shop.

The implementation of this cache system requires interventions on your server and on your PrestaShop store (not included in this ticket).

Our teams generate for you these actions :

  • The implementation of the cache server-side (CGI or Varnish depending on the Web engine used)
  • The e-mail communication with the technical stakeholders in charge of the side changes PrestaShop

This intervention is reserved for customers with offers SMES CLOUD, SMES and ENTERPRISE.

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