Detailed performance analysis View larger

Detailed performance analysis

In-depth analysis of page display performance (with a benchmarking tool)

Working time: 3H

A detail of the elements that can affect the loading time of your Prestashop store will be provided after this analysis. Recommendations for actions to be implemented will also be proposed.

Ask us a question

Ask us a question

305,00 € tax excl.

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What is included in this audit ?

Because of the delays noticed on a PrestaShop from généralements codes PHP and queries in the database for this audit included :

A performance audit server requests

+ An analysis of the performance preferences of your shop, and the configuration of the modules slowing down your shop.

+ An analysis of the loading time of your key pages (home, category, product).

+ In-depth analysis of the performance of time of construction of the pages (with a benchmarking tool named “Xdebug”).


What are you going to provide me with at the end of this audit ?

By ordering this audit, our expert will send a detailed list of the elements affecting the loading time of your Prestashop store. as well as recommended technical actions to be implemented.

Each recommendation will be accompanied by a proposal of actions such as :

  • the implementation of a cache additional on the bottleneck

  • the optimization of a query in a database or its rewrite

  • the insertion of index data in the database

  • rewriting an algorithm in PHP


Can you perform the technical actions that I will be recommended ?

Yes, that's right ! However, the teams do not lie on the shops PrestaShop this work will be done by Profileo, specialist of the ongoing maintenance and optimization, PrestaShop. Their developers will be able to perform all technical actions necessary to improve your loading time. These actions will be the subject of a billing additional to this audit and the cost of which will be provided on request.

To go further

If you want to both have a detailed audit and the implementation of actions in optimization techniques then prefer our performance pack incorporating all of our expertise on optimizing the loading time of a PrestaShop.

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