Optimizations files .css and .js View larger

Optimizations files .css and .js

The optimization of the files .css and .js will reduce the loading time of the pages of your shop by reducing the number and weight of these files. This happens through the implementation of the CCC of these files (Concatenation, Compression and Caching).

Ask us a question

Ask us a question

115,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

Despite the fact that the compression can be enabled by 1-click, it will almost never operate at the first glance without a side-effect of the technical adjustments are necessary to ensure the proper display and functioning of the elements of the pages.

This response approximately 1 hour 30 minutes includes :

  • the activation of the option “Smart cache” in the PrestaShop back office,
  • the realization of technical adjustments (theme, modules, specific developments) needed to properly display in the front office,
  • the verification and testing of proper functioning related to the activation of the option.

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