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Security of your PrestaShop back-office: 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Enhance the security of your PrestaShop back-office by adding two-factor authentication (2FA). This additional security measure goes beyond simple password verification, requiring a second form of user identification.

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Ask us a question

198,00 € tax excl.

Secure payment by credit card or SEPA mandate

Prerequisite : Purchasing a 2FA module is necessary for us to proceed.

Our Recommendation : Two-Factor Back-Office Security

For more information on 2FA modules and our advice on choosing one, read our article : Two-Factor Authentication on PrestaShop, a Defense Against Cyberattacks

Service Details :

  • Module installation (access to your back-office will be required)
  • Validation of proper functioning
  • Delivery of detailed instructions for effective use

Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication :

  • Maximum Protection : Adds an additional layer of security to the back-office by requiring a second proof of identity, such as a unique code
  • Reduced Hacking Risks : Even if the password is discovered, access to the back-office remains restricted without the authentication code, thereby reducing hacking risks
  • Compliance with Security Standards : Helps to comply with online security standards, crucial for protecting sensitive data such as customer or payment information

How does Two-Factor Authentication work for external users?

The method varies depending on the module:

  • For a global 2FA code, simply share the QR code to scan with your smartphone
  • Otherwise, users need to configure their account with 2FA in the Back-Office

The code is compatible with various phones and applications.