Infrastructure Hosting infrastructure, on optimized servers + 200 than simultaneous sessions - + than 90,000 VU / month
200+ simultaneous sessions
High load sites
Outsourcing 24h/24
High availability
Monitoring active
Backup local and external daily


200 simultaneous sessions

+ than 200 simultaneous sessions

About 90,000 visitors / month 230,00 €

Without taxes / Month


Your site has a high traffic and you want to go beyond 200 simultaneous sessions or 90,000 visitors / month?

The Infra offer is made for you!


The Infra offer is tailor-made specifically for your site, according to your needs, so that it can handle the highest traffic without slowing down or cutting services.

This offer is suitable for sites with very high traffic or for large-scale commercial operations (TV, radio advertising, communication campaigns, etc.) (and therefore involving peaks in high traffic).

In order to be able to produce these performances, a specific infrastructure is set up, it is mainly composed of 3 types of components (each component can be present one or more times in the infrastructure):

  • Load balancer / Proxy server(s) (for 1 to 2500 simultaneous sessions)
  • Front-End Server(s) 1 SSD (for 1 to 500 simultaneous sessions)
  • Database Server(s)

How does it work in practice?

The first access for Internet users is through the proxies. Those ones can:

  • either dispatch the request to "front-end" servers (the equivalent of traditional hosting), he chooses the least loaded server among the front-ends
  • either directly respond instantly to the Internet user thanks to software caches previously set up

When the request is processed by a front-end server, the PHP codes are executed (Prestashop builds the page).


In order to lighten the processing of these servers, and to have improved performance, the database is consulted on a dedicated server by the front-end server.


For even more performance, several database servers can be set up (a "master" who does the database updates and "slaves" who only make data access requests).


Go further / scalability

Once your infrastructure is in setup, you can modify its capacities to increase or decrease them:

  • by changing the basic capacity of your infrastructure (applicable from the following month)
  • by adding boosters to temporarily increase its abilities (with date selection) 


In both cases: nothing could be simpler, a simple pull tab allows you to select the desired capacity:

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