Dedicated Dedicated hosting, on server * Optimized Hybrid-Cloud Up to 200 simultaneous sessions - 90,000 unique users / month
250 Go of SSD storage
Access SSH et FTP
Outsourcing 24h/24, 4h included
Accounts PHPMyAdmin
Monitoring active
Backup local and external daily
Test environment

Entreprise Offer

Unlimited traffic

200 simultaneous sessions

About 90,000 visitors / month 250,00€

Without taxes / Month


Technical characteristics //

Dedicated hosting, on server * Optimized Hybrid-Cloud
- Up to 200 simultaneous sessions (approximately 90,000 unique visitors / month)
- Internet connectivity 500 Mbps,
- Unlimited traffic

- Dedicated server on a secure para-virtualization layer
- Complete outsourcing Level 1 24/24
- Guaranteed resources
- 1 dedicated IP address
- 1 SSH root sudoer access
- 250 GB storage space
- FTP accounts
- PhpMyAdmin accounts
- Unlimited 24 hour active server monitoring
- Daily local and external backup, overwriting the previous backup

Dedicated 64-bit secure environment:
- Lxc / Kvm para-virtualization
- IP filtering, ports, encrypted fail2ban, firewall
- Resource sharing possible: 1/1 = dedicated (Enterprise offer), 1/2 = semi-dedicated (SME offer), and 1/4 = semi-dedicated (SME Cloud offer)

Implementation schedule
- 72 hours after receipt of the signed quote.

Services included //

- Secure environment
- Server hardware customization,
- Server rental + Traffic,
- DataCenters OVH / TeleCity / Digital Realty Trust,
- Unlimited hardware warranty and maintenance,
- Supervision level 1 *** = 24/7. For level 2 = 2 hours/month on 5days/7 during office hours

Available options //

- 1 additional IP. IPs can be geographic (13 countries)
- Outsourcing level 2 **: 75 € without taxes per additional hour after customer validation, billed at the end of the month
- Level 3 intervention **: on estimate

Conditions of the offerHide conditions
Implementation schedule //

Within 24 business hours upon order validation.

Type of intervention levels //

Level 1: Monitoring the proper functioning of the Service (network, routers, connectivity, bandwidth), 24/7.
Level 2: Assistance and troubleshooting on the hosted equipment. Security / OS patch updates and proactive monitoring of the Hosted System. Installation of CRON, FTP accounts and other scripting.
Level 3: Software modifications (on the client's environment or it's website). An estimate of the intervention is established and is subject to acceptance by the client.

GTI Level 1: Detection of service unavailability = 6mn. Service restart intervention = 15 minutes. GTR Level 1: 30mn
GTI / GTR Level 2: Troubleshooting = 1h, 7/7 24/24. Updates and installation = 2h, 7d / 7 7am/ 6pm.

Duration of engagement //

1-month contract, renewable by automatic renewal. Cancellation possible with a minimum of 24 hours before the end of each term.

Periodicity of invoices //

Mensual calendar,
As access to the server is automatically cut 7 days after sending the digital invoice, payments by bank transfer must be programmed before to avoid any interruption in service.
The first invoice covers the period from the day of availability of the server to the next monthly due date, then orders shifts to the monthly quarters.

Payment terms //

Payment by direct debit, transfer or check, at the invoice date. Invoices are generated at the start of each period.
In the case of direct debits, it takes 5 days after the invoice is sent by email for the payment to be done.
In case of a problem with the invoice, you can contact the sales department, which will cancel the scheduled withdrawal.