Nos offres d'hébergement optimisées PrestaShop

Discover our hosting offers including level 1 & 2 outsourcing, backup

daily from your shop and unlimited hardware warranty / maintenance

Nos offres d'hébergements et de services
Offre TPE Mutualisé

1000 Users / day

10 simultaneous sessions

Offre TPE
  • Espace de stockage 100 Go
  • Monitoring actif serveur 24h/24 illimité
  • BackUp quotidien
  • Garantie et maintenance matérielle illimitée

39 € HT/mois avec infogérance
Offre PME CLOUD Cloud

5000 Users / day

25 simultaneous sessions


Les services de TPE +

  • Accès SSh Root
  • Multicomptes FTP et PHPMyadmin
  • 1 adresse IP dédiée
  • 1h infogérance niveau 2
79 € HT/mois avec infogérance
Offre PME Semi-dédié

10,000 Users / day

100 simultaneous sessions

Offre PME

Les services de PME CLOUD +

  • Espace de stockage 750 G0
  • 2h infogérance niveau 2
150 € HT/mois avec infogérance

50,000 Users / day

200 simultaneous sessions


Les services de PME+

  • Jusqu'à 3 IP (en option)
  • Espace de stockage 1 To
230 € HT/mois avec infogérance
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A question before subscribing?
En combien de temps mon serveur est-il mis en place ?

Generally within the day of your signing of the order form. In the case of an option to transfer your site from your old host, additional time may be necessary depending on the accesses communicated.

Comment fonctionne le support technique ?

It can be accessed by email at When you install your server, you will be given a machine name. Indicate it in your messages (or failing this, mention the IP address assigned to your machine) so that the technical server can recognize the server. Remember to clearly specify your request.

Comment la sécurité de mon serveur est-elle assurée ?

Each server is protected upon delivery. Several techniques are used:
- the firewall, which blocks unnecessary outgoing and incoming ports (you can ask to add more),
- anti-intrusion systems, which monitor authentication attempts (Fail2Ban). For example, multiple bad passwords block access to the server,
- Abnormal call blocks, which decrease the speed and then restrict access to an IP if it consumes the flow abnormally and over a long period.

Quelle est la durée d’engagement ?

The duration of engagement is linked to invoicing. A termination may be made at any time, with effect at the end of the current quarter.

Les engagements

Performance optimizations

Daily backups


2 hours / month of outsourcing included

24/7 supervision


Security analysis and audits

Technical improvements to the site

Géré par des experts

Experienced technicians

Dedicated maintenance team


Knowledge of the field

Specific accommodation


Control systems