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PrestaShop Security Pack

Secure my store


Strengthen your PrestaShop e-commerce site security against the latest CMS leaks and vulnerabilities

Included in the Prestashop security pack:

  • Control of the integrity of your modules and scan of the source code
  • Critical vulnerability correction
  • Cleaning infected files

A pack designed to protect your customers and your activity

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Ask us a question

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Cyberattacks target online shops
of them put the key under the door 6 months after this attack

eCommerce cybercrime report, 2022 - Astra

PrestaShop Security

Security flaws, vulnerabilities, cyber threats... The PrestaShop e-commerce solution, like any other computer system, is regularly the target of malicious attacks.

Concretely, the cybercriminals who carry out these attacks aim to take control of your site.

The risks for e-merchants:

  • the theft of personal or banking data of customers,
  • diversion of the traffic to another site,
  • service interruptions (mainly during peak periods of activity),
  • modifying or deleting databases…
Is your shop the victim of an attack and your activity is blocked?

Our team performs an emergency intervention to clean the infected files on your site and set up the recommended security actions.

The PrestaShop Security Pack, in detail

In order to respond to the issues of PrestaShop e-merchants in terms of security and to fight the resulting risks, Profileo offers a complete Security Pack which includes a front and back-office analysis and the implementation of any associated security actions. .

The Pack includes:

  • The complete status of potential security vulnerabilities detected on your store according to your version of PrestaShop
  • Checking the modules present on your site (active and non-active) to identify known vulnerabilities. Depending on the case, our team can either directly correct the flaw in the module or recommend its complete update (license costs are to the customer)
  • Analysis of your PrestaShop core files to check whether or not they have been modified by malicious third parties (hackers)
  • Verification of non-standard files and folders added to your site and which may result from a data leak
  • Verification of the access configuration to the folders at the root of the site
  • Verification of your sitemap and your Google Search Console tools in order to detect a possible misappropriation of your SEO
  • The status on the severity of the infection if your site is already infected, as well as the verification and disinfection of the impacted files
  • Cleaning infected files
Zero critical flaw guarantee

While all of the known vulnerabilities in the native PrestaShop codes can be corrected by upgrading your store, the Security Pack provides for the correction of the most critical vulnerabilities: those that impact your Front-Office and those that may be exploited on your store.

An additional action plan will also be provided for the correction of less critical flaws and vulnerabilities that are difficult to exploit or too complex to correct.

Guarantee +1 Serenity

The analysis and checks carried out as part of the PrestaShop Security Pack are based on a list of known vulnerabilities at the time of their completion.

An additional one month warranty is included.

It provides for the detection and correction of any new critical leaks not known at the time of our intervention on your site.

Alongside PrestaShop e-merchants for more than 10 years, Profileo designs complete and innovative security solutions based on its expertise in cybersecurity and its permanent monitoring of new vulnerability risks.

Upgrade to the latest stable version of your Prestashop

In terms of cybersecurity, the preferred recommendation, in addition of updating your modules, is to upgrade your PrestaShop to its latest stabilized version. For example, if you are using PrestaShop 1.7.2 and a new version 1.7.8 is available, it is essential to update your store. Indeed, latest version systematically includes the correction of native vulnerabilities present in previous versions. It is therefore essential for the proper functioning of your PrestaShop site.

The Profileo teams support you in upgrading and upgrading your PrestaShop to a minor version: module compatibility management, data backup and functional tests.

Find, on our Profileo blog, all the news around PrestaShop security as well as practical advice on the resolution of the most frequent vulnerabilities (Xsamxadoo, Bajatax, Phpunit, etc.)

This intervention ticket is intended for 1 single shop.