How long does it take for my server to be installed?

Usually on the same day that you sign up. If you are transferring your website from another web host, further time may be required depending on availability of access.

What’s the length of engagement?

The duration is linked to billing.
For the VSE offer, your first bill is only for the first month (so you can assess the services offered). The second bill covers the rest of that calendar year. The third and subsequent bills are on a calendar year basis.
For the SME and Enterprise offers, the first bill is also for the first month, then each quarter thereafter.

I use another hosting service. Who takes care of the transfer of my site if I sign with you?

You can take charge of this if you wish. An option is also included in each offer and, in that case, we would do it for you.

How do you ensure the security of my server?

Each server is protected at delivery, using a number of techniques.
– the firewall, which blocks unnecessary outgoing and incoming ports (you can ask us to add those you wish),
– anti-intrusion systems, which monitor attempts at authentication (Fail2Ban). For example, multiple wrong password attempts block access to the server,
– blocking abnormal connections, which diminish the speed and restrict access to an IP address if the connection consumes bandwidth unusually over a long period.

Are there backups? If yes, what’s the backup policy?

All your server data is backed up daily.
Each night, a backup of your data and databases is made to an accessible directory (/backup/interne).
Another backup, this time external, is made of your machine, including full system information. On request, we can replace your server online even in the case of a hard disk crash.
Finally, we propose a backup option on a rolling 30-day period. You can ask to restore files from the 13th day if you wish.
The rolling 30 day backup occurs in another Data Center to guard against a physical problem in the center where your server is housed.

How does the technical support work?

Technical support is available by email at support@772424.com. During the server installation a machine name is given to you. Use this name in your messages (or failing that mention the IP address assigned to your machine) so that the technical server can recognize the server. Don’t forget to clearly state your request.

Your services include active monitoring 24/7. How does this surveillance work and what happens if there is an outage?

Robots monitor the correct functioning of our complete server system every two minutes.
If there is a non-response after three attempts (6 minutes), an alert is sent to the permanent support service and an attempt to resolve the problem starts automatically.

If, after 10 minutes service has not been restored, our Level One on-call service team will treat the problem manually 24/7.
In more complex situations, if the Level One on-call service team has not succeeded in re-launching the site, the problem is escalated to Level Two. This last team knows your e-commerce platform and will be able to resolve the problems with your Prestashop or Magento.

If my e-commerce site fails, how are you alerted and what do you do to solve the problem?

When installing your website, we ask you to indicate the URL which can be used to verify the operation of the site.
If a slowdown or non-response is detected, our scaled systems commence automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

Do you have reseller offers?

Yes. 772424.com is a white label e-commerce hosting service. 772424 contracts with the end client for liability and insurance purposes. It provides agencies expert in Prestashop and Magento with a quality service relieving them of operational and service delivery constraints.

Is it easy to move from VSE to SME or from SME to Enterprise?

Yes, absolutely.
Moving from VSE to SME is free if you’re making the transfer from the old server to the new one. We can fully support this transfer for $82, excl.VAT, (including changeover of IP/DNS). A downtime of 10 minutes would be anticipated.

If you’re moving from SME to Enterprise, the service is free and transparent to you (your dedicated IP is maintained). A downtime of 5 minutes would be anticipated.

How to schedule automatic jobs (cron jobs) for shared VSE offers?

To set up cron jobs, we use a free addon available on the Prestashop addons shop : http://addons.prestashop.com/fr/outils-administration-modules-prestashop/671-crontab-for-prestashop.html
We set them up directly into the crontab server then you can easily add up and install new specific cron jobs by yourself directly from the Prestashop back office.