How to settle a non paid invoice

How to settle an unpaid invoice

If you have an unpaid invoice, you should have received a mail reporting you to settle it:


Why have you received this email ?

Because you have an invoice that has not been paid, certainly to one of the following reasons :

  • you don't have a direct debit mandate active
  • your account balance is insufficient
  • your bank declined the transaction
  • etc etc...


What does impact when an invoice is not paid ?

In case of non settle within 15 days, the associated service may be cut off automatically by the robot managing the subscriptions.

A compensation for delay will also be asked to you (see details in the email you received).


How can you settle it ?

You can pay your bills by paying by credit card or by opting for a SEPA direct debit.

This can be done from the site linked to the order (depending on the service) :



In practice, where can I do it ?

Go to the website and log in with the email address on which you received the email :

If needed, make a password recovery:

Go to the "my account" section by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen (1)

And then go to your invoices by clicking on "Orders and invoices" (2)

Your invoices will be displayed.

Those that are outstanding are displayed with a button to "Settle"

Click on the button "Settle" - You will then be redirected to the payment page.

Click on the payment mode that suits you (charge SEPA or credit card)

If you pay with the direct mandate, then your invoice will appear as below, the time the direct debit to be effective (2 to 3 working days) :

If you are paying by card, your invoice will be displayed as below :


In case of problems, please contact us