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How long does it take to get my server up and running?

Usually within the day of your order. In the case of the option to transfer your site from your old hosting, additional time may be necessary depending on the accesses communicated.

If my e-commerce website crashes, how are you notified and what do you do?

When installing your site, we ask you to tell us the URL that can be tested to verify the functioning of the site.
If a slowness or non-response is detected, the escalation systems are set up automatically. You don't need to worry about it.

Your services speak of active monitoring 24 hours a day. How does monitoring work and what happens in the event of a breakdown?

Robots monitor the operation of the entire server farm every 30 seconds.
In the case of non-response after 7 attempts (3.5 minutes), an alert is sent to the duty team and an automatic resolution attempt is initiated.
If after 10 minutes the service has not been restored, the Level 1 technical team is invited to manually process the alert, 24/7.
In the most complex cases, if the Level 1 technical team has not succeeded in relaunching the service, it will escalate to Level 2 team. The latter knows your e-commerce platform and will be able to remedy the problems with your Prestashop or Magento.

How is the security of my server ensured?

Each server is protected at it's delivery. Several techniques are used:
- the firewall, which blocks unnecessary outgoing and incoming ports (you can ask to add more),
- anti-intrusion systems, which monitor authentication attempts (Fail2Ban). For example, multiple bad passwords block access to the server,
- abnormal calls which decrease the speed are restricted access by IP if it consumes the flow abnormally and over a long period.

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