Limited Resell

Limited Resell
+34% performances

Pack Full Performances

The overall problem was to be able to gain loading time for this PrestaShop store.


After a preliminary analysis of the site, we detected the main bottlenecks in order to determine the actions to be taken.

After the initial audit, the proposals were in order to prioritize the most relevant actions to improve loading times.


After the interventions, the site performance rating as more than doubled.


26/ 100
60/ 100
-42ms Construction time

Server-side caching: Varnish

In order to gain efficiency, we applied the cache on server side "varnish". Varnish was applied on pages: homepage, categories, products and cms.


The implementation took place in several stages:

  • Deployment of the cache management module
  • Activation of the server cache with restriction so that it only applies to our teams
  • Intensive settings and testing
  • Planning a caching activation for the general public


After this, the construction time of the pages has been reduced by almost 50%
Building Time88ms46ms
-156 files uploaded

Implementation of lazy loading

The Lazy Loading technique makes it possible to defer the loading of images. Especially those below the waterline. The initial loading of the page is thus faster.


For this site, we have implemented our specific module which analyzes the HTML code of the pages and modifies it so that the images are not loaded from the start, but are replaced by a transparent pixel.
The browser then only loads images above the fold, saving dozens of file transfers (the site went from 244 to ;88 files downloaded).


Visitors enjoy faster loading and viewing speed.


 Downloaded Files244 files88 files
 Page Weight11.3 MB6.98MB
-830ms de blocking time

Preloading fonts and repatriating Google fonts

The fonts used on the store have been integrated in the theme of the store in place to be stored on external servers such as


This technique reduces the number of files to transfer and reduces the "Total Blocking Time" (waiting time of the browser before the display of texts) through proper loading.
 Total blocking time1300ms470ms
-2.5s Largest Contentful Paint

Improving Web Vitals: Various actions

A series of complementary actions have been taken; put in place to improve benchmarks for Google, the Core Web Vitals: 

  • setting up the cloudflare CDN
  • changed slideshow module for faster image loading
  • preloading of external images linked to the cookies module
  • resolving a 400 error on the google badge
  • benchmarking and ajax call optimizations
 Largest Contentful Paint3.5s1.0s
 Cumulative Layout Shift1300ms470ms
 Loading time8.1s5.8s